Our History

Versatile was started in 2007. They had a dream about a kind of photographic education that was practical, hands-on and commercial in nature,with their years of experience running a commercial studios as well as wedding photography, they started training photography on a one on one basis to up-coming photographer(s). They got pretty serious about it and it became obvious that a longer, more cohesive study of photography would extend students skills in a more satisfactory way thus the Versatile School of Photography was born.

What we offer

Our offer is fairly simple. We have built our course around the simple concept of experimental learning. We understand that people generally learn via three methods; listening, watching and doing. We specialize in making photography accessible by allowing you to experience and learn directly. Regardless of what your photography or videography style or interests are, Versatile School of Photography and Video provides an unparalleled learning experience for its students. Our courses are offered in a down-to-earth manner and focus on an interactive and experimental learning experience. Versatile training program employs a variety of learning and teaching methods which may alter and adapt according to the perceived needs of students. The main method of training are lectures, group discussions, tutorials, field trips, and workshops.

Our vision

To create pathways of photographic training and move beyond formalized education into the worlds of professional and art based photography

Our mission

To provide high quality education and training in photography with Courses and Workshops designed to inspire, motivate and help our clients achieve their creative goals. A fundamental principle of Versatile School of Photography and Videography is that people have the potential not only of success, but also of fulfillment and greatness as creative individuals.

Class Modalities

This is a 8 week(s) course. The course is divided into two sessions taken on different days of the week to allow for practical assignments. The photography classes take place every Monday and Wednesday while our videography classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm – 9pm at our studio which is located at Hazina Towers on 9th Floor.


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