Class Modalities
This is a 8 week(s) course. The course is divided into two sessions taken on different days of the week to allow for practical assignments. The photography classes take place every Monday and Wednesday, Day classes from 10am – 1pm and Evening classes from 6pm – 9pm at our studio which is located at Hazina Towers on 9th Floor.

Photography Curriculum
The course designed for beginners & amateur photographers, as a foundation to any genre of photography they want to specialize in. The course also arms the students from making common mistakes made in photography, hence being able the achieve pleasing images than average. Two and half hours lesson’s each. Students to take home assignments, as from lesson one to the end. Their assignments results will be useful to evaluate their progress and strengthen their weak points.

1. Orientation
2. Introduction
3. Exposure
4. Focusing, Composition and rules of thirds.
5. White balance.
6. Lenses.
7. lighting Accessories & Modifiers
8. Outdoor Photography
9. Field Work
10. Resolution & Image Quality
11. Production: 1 Basic Introduction to Photoshop
12. Production: 2 Basic Introduction to Light room
13.Photo Finishing: Photo Printing, Frames, Mounting and Albums
14. Captioning and Media
15. Open Forum
16. Relationship Management
17. Graduation
18. Special Class Photography business.


Registration Fee KSh. 1,500
Tuition Fee KSh. 43,000
2 Passport sizes photos & a copy of the ID
KSh. 1000
/- charges for field day
Passion for photography


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