When I joined Versatile I had next to no information about the photography field, significantly less on the elements of the camera, lights, and so on. In the wake of finishing my training I felt prepared to take another bearing in my profession and consider photography as a distraction as well as a source of income. I truly recommend Versatile School of Photography to any individual who needs to improve as a photographer.

Jane Kamanda
Jane KamandaCon Estilo Photography

Versatile has become more than just a company. It’s a friend, it’s a home. I have found so much more than just skills in the team that is Verstaile. I joined Versatile three years ago; a young man with just passion. I have since grown to what you can see through my images. Having met and worked with the Crème de La crème of the industry, I have learnt much more than just taking good images. Now I understand the business of photography. At Versatile you get to learn how to interact with clients, how to engage them, how to pitch for business, how to handle the corporate world and so much more.

I have acquired skills that would take years of intense book worming to attain. It is for this reason that I have chosen to pass on this skills to others. Whichever chance I get to make someone better, I take it. There could never be a better platform than Versatile School of Photography. I have passion for people who want to learn; people who are not afraid to make mistakes and better yet, learn from them. Join us at the Versatile School of Photography and let us go on this journey together. A journey of discovery, innovation, creativity, telling stories and documenting special moments in the best way we know how to….. PHOTOGRAPHY.

Willy Muturi
Willy MuturiWilly Muturi Photography

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to get one on one training from Versatile Photographers. My mentors were very helpful and encouraging. With their positive critique I was able to steadily grow in my photography. They have done so much for me! I have been helped to build a steady foundation in my photography career. I couldn’t be happier! After working in a different career for 3 years am proud to say that Versatile Photographers helped me change my childhood passion into a well-paying career.

I was really impressed by how they stay up to date with the latest technology thus something that makes their photography unique, something I have borrowed into my own brand. I was personally overjoyed when I was informed of the initiation of the school, am happy that more passionate photographers will have the opportunity to learn from this magnificent institution. I am very proud to have got my training from Versatile Photographers and I endeavor to use it to better my skills and inspire more people.

I would highly recommend Versatile School of Photography to anyone who is interested in learning or improving their photography.

Wish you all the best.

Charles Nyambega
Charles NyambegaCharlie Nyambega Photography

Few months after graduating from the Nairobi University, I wanted to be a businessman. I always had a passion for photography, and I wanted to turn this passion into profit. But I didn’t have any technical knowledge neither did i know where to begin. I mailed a few photographers who were doing well in the market but did not get a response.

“I bought my first DSLR camera but never understood a thing about it, I used to only take pictures in the automatic function not knowing the extent of what my camera could actually do! This was until a year ago, when I met David Macharia of Versatile School of Photography– one of the best, respected and most experienced photographers in the photography industry.

I did not know what to expect, he provided me with everything from technical to practical photography knowledge and directed me on the right path – my photos are now better, most importantly, I know how to use my camera and be creative – in an artistic and technically proficient way.

But the excellent, relevant digital photography instruction is only half the story. Thanks to the positive attitude and support of everyone at Versatile School of Photography, I’ve also gained confidence in my work and bonded with an incredibly supportive group of photographers across many levels of experience. I’ve been directed to great resources for photography supplies and gear, learned some amazing post-production tricks, and gained the inspiration to keep shooting photos wherever I go.

I highly recommend Versatile School of Photography. You will learn. You will laugh. You will love it. Thank you, David!

Samuel Njane
Samuel NjaneSamuel Njane Photography

As a ‘newbie’ to the video world, I had no idea what it would take to transform my very ‘raw’ camera footage into a crisp, clean, professional video I could be proud of. Versatile School of Photography made the process easy. I got a chance to put together a first class video with perfect graphics, appropriate music, and smooth transitions in my video!

As a Film and video editor am able to guide the pace and telling of a story, select the best takes of scenes and splice them together to create the most entertaining finished piece.

Through the Versatile School of Photography I had a chance to use a variety of editing software to achieve the goals of the piece. Some of common types of software used in the film and video editing industry include Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

As a Video Editor I look forward to use my creativity, experience and dedication to contribute the growth of the industry.


Today I have learnt how to make pictures that can preserve the special moments for my clients on their occasions such as weddings.

My experience with VSP has also encompassed my dream as a photographer and as I pursue my career I want to take the lead and be invisible while capturing the detailed emotions.


I am able to make a sustainable living doing what I love and that is producing videos and pictures for various people and clients. I try to keep working on videos by putting up local ads for small business, local groups and bands for various videos I could help them with. This gives me more experience at what I do and allows me to have a presentable portfolio for any future clients. My experience with the Versatile School of Photography I do not plan on slowing down to keep the game up in the industry.

Peter Mwangi
Peter Mwangi

After a good amount of time in the studio, I started to notice that I was rapidly improving in my photography skills. During my experience with Versatile School of Photography I’ve made so many great connections that I’m steadily working in the industry. My lighting skills are getting better and better on every shoot I’ve been on. My whole outlook on directing improves every day. You will never master this industry, but you can sure do great in it! Always keep an open mind, take in as much information as you can and adjust it to your life, and career.

SaboreSabore Photography

Versatile photographers depth of experience, creative insight, classic style, lighting expertise and eye for vantage points and compositions all applied to the new digital photography arena go unmatched. Versatile has set the benchmark by which to measure all other professional photographers.

Alex Gabriel
Alex Gabriel


I had just gotten my first DSLR when I bumped into David Macharia at Concours De Elegance who was taking professional photos of the models. This was where my journey as a professional photographer started.

I later joined the school of photography and after a few basic lessons, it was time for the real thing. I was tagged along to weddings and events as a third photographer and the challenge of working with highly trained professionals gave me the motivation to be able to take photos as good as the ones I would see other photographers taking. I would ask questions and slowly I built my skills and soon I was covering events as a first Camera.

The approach Versatile school of photography uses is a combination of theory and practical. Most of all, exposure to the real world of photography makes one really challenges one to master the art.

Today I can comfortably cover events and I have also been lauded in my organization for excellent photography and videography skills which I also picked while working with Versatile.

It would be far fetched to say this school is not value for your money.

Niq Mbocha
Niq MbochaUniq Images

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